Tuesday, October 16, 2012

jquery ajaxStop vs ajaxSuccess

The events ajaxStop fires only when all the Ajax requests in the page complete their execution, while the ajaxSuccess get fired for every individual Ajax request which executes succesfully.

The ajaxStop event handler does not provide any parameters since it gets fired only after all the Ajax requests in the page get completed, whereas the ajaxSuccess event handler provides the request object and a set of settings as parameters which can be used to identify the request for which the ajaxSuccess event got fired.

The syntax for the ajaxSuccess event handler is as follows.
ajaxSuccess (function(objEvent, objXHR, objSettings))

objEvent        – The event Object
objXHR          - The XMLHttpRequest Object
objSettings    - Options used to make the Ajax Request

The syntax for the ajaxStop event handler is as follows.


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