Tuesday, January 29, 2013

IPad-Iphone-Ipod Apps, Tools and Utilities

There are a number of Apps, Tools and Utilities for the iPad, iPhone and iPod devices, here are a few more useful once which you might find interesting. This collection includes Apps, lessons on how to develop Apps, Ipad VPN Service, Utilities to sync Apple devices with MAC and Hidepad.

iPad-iPhone Tutorials, Videos, Guides and Lessons

Apple’s iPad/ iPhone products do not come with a user manual, hence people find it difficult to get started with these products, even those who are using it for quite some time do not know all the features available in these products.

Here is a collection of iPad/iPhone Lessons, Tutorials, Guides, and Videos to help you explore the potential of these devices.

Data Recovery Tools, Recover Lost data Instantly

What are Data Recovery Tools? When do I need them?

Data Recovery tools
help in recovering deleted files from the Hard Disk or Memory cards which cannot be recovered using the options available by default. These tools can recover files deleted from the recycle bin, files lost due to bad sectors in the hard disk, files lost due to hard disk crash, files lost from deleted hard disk partition, files lost due to viruses, files lost due to accidental disk formatting etc.     

You will needs a Data Recovery tool to recover lost files in the above cases, since you cannot recover the files using the options which are normally available in the PC.

Monday, January 28, 2013

PC Optimization Tools, Fix PC Issues and boost Performance Instantly

What are PC Optimization Tools? When do I need them?
PC optimization tools help in fixing issues with the PC which cause the PC to operate below its capacity. PC issues could be growth in size of junk/temporary files, invalid/partial registry entries, Partial Uninstalls, unwanted system log entries.

These issues will gradually slowdown the performance of your PC, and may also lead to system crash if not taken care for a longer period of time. The following are some of the common
PC Optimization tools which help you identify and resolve these issues 

Driver Tools, Fix your PC Driver issues Instantly

What are Driver Update Tools? When do I need them?

Driver update tools are those which come packed with information on most of the hardware devices and their compatible Device Drivers, these tools run a scan on the PC and identifies the most appropriate driver to be installed for all the Hardware devices. A Driver Update Tool comes in handy in the following situations.

1. You find that some of the devices attached to your PC are not working.
2. You upgraded your operating system and the attached devices are not working.
3. Your system got crashed and you lost the device drivers.
4. The device driver accompanying the device is not compatible with your OS.
5. You don’t find the right version of the Device Driver in the Vendor’s web site.
6. You do not know which Device Driver to install for your Devices

The following are some of the commonly used
Driver Tools.

PDF Tools – Create, Edit and Sign PDF Files

PDF (Portable Document Format), is a file format introduced by Adobe in 1993, since then PDF Files have become one of the most preferable file format for publishing and sharing information. PDF files come with a .pdf file extension and can be opened using the Free Adobe Reader editor.

PDF is evolving, more and more features are getting added with every new version of PDF. PDF is already a universal format for publishing and sharing information. PDF readers are also available for mobile devices, taking it to the next level of document publishing and sharing.

Want to create a PDF File or convert the existing files into PDF, the following tools will help you.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Registry Cleaner, Fix Registry Errors

What is Registry Cleaning? 

Over a period of time much software will get installed and uninstalled. Some softwares when uninstalled do not clear all the settings which they made to the registry, as a result these settings still remain in the Registry even though the software is removed. Gradually these settings will increase the size of the Registry and degrades the performance of the PC.

How do I clean my PC? What tools can I use?
A good Registry Cleaner tool can effectively detect and eliminate these problems; these tools scan the registry, identify the problems in the registry and fix them to optimize the PC. 
The Registry Cleaner software Scan scans your computers registry and checks for registry errors, partial uninstalls, duplicate entries, invalid path references, etc.  Fixes these issues and reports them.

The following are some of the common Windows Registry Cleaners Tools

PDF Signature, sign PDF Documents

The mypdfsignature tool adds your transparent signature stamp to PDF documents. A transparent signature stamp is your physical signature in an electronic format that you can place on the signature line or anywhere on a PDF, Word or other electronic documents.  It’s transparent in that the contents of the document can be seen behind the signature.

The below Figure 1 represents a signature on a white background which hides the content behind the signature, while Figure 2 represents a transparent signature above the content.

PDF Meld, Edit PDF Documents

PDF Meld is a PDF editor which can be used to edit and modify existing PDF files. PDF Meld is a program to manipulate pages of existing PDFs. It runs either from the command line (executable version) or you can use the dynamic link library (DLL) version on Windows based systems to integrate with your own software.

The executable version has a GUI front-end you can use for either prototyping or simply running the program. The GUI front-end is available under Windows, Mac OSX, and graphical versions of Linux and Sparc.

PDF Meld contains so many options it may be difficult to know where to start. In its simplest form, PDF Meld takes multiple PDFs and stitches them together to create a new single PDF.

PDF Creator, convert any document to PDF

PDF Creator converts any type of document into a PDF file instantly. Once installed the PDF creator gets added to the Printer tray and can be used as a virtual printer to convert your documents into PDF files.

Commonly used file conversions

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Advantages of PDF Files

Advantages of PDF Files

Portable Document Format), is a file format introduced by Adobe in 1993, since then PDF Files have become one of the most preferable file format for publishing and sharing information. PDF files come with a .pdf file extension and can be opened using the Free Adobe Reader editor.

PDF Files can contain a combination of Text and Graphical information. PDF Files have many advantages over other document formats. The following list shows some of the advantages of PDF files over other formats.