Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Installing and Uninstalling a Windows Service

Windows services can be installed and un-installed from the list of services, using the Utility installutil.exe, this utility comes with the framework and can be used to configure services. 
Follow the below instructions to use the installutil.exe utility to Install / UnInstall a windows service.
1.    Open a Visual Studio command prompt.
2.    Navigate to the location where the service executable files are built, usually it is in the /bin folder of the service Project.
3.    Run the InstallUtil.exe command with the service .exe file as the parameter. 
4.    The utility installs the service.
    5.    Open the Service console and notice that the new windows service NotificationService is installed. 
   6.    That’s it we can now start the service.
Uninstalling a Service
1.    To Uninstall the service, stop the service and run the command
Installutil.exe /u NotificationService.exe

Once the command completes the service will be removed from the list of services.

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