Thursday, January 1, 2015

File comparison using KDiff3 tool for SourceTree

In the post Setting KDiff file comparison tool for SourceTree we saw on how to set up the KDiff3 tool as a file comparison tool for Source Tree, here we shall see on how to compare 2 files using KDiff3.

1. Open SourceTree.
2. Select the file to be compared.
3. Right click the file and select “Log Selected” option from the context menu

4. Select the 2 versions (commits) to be compared, this will show the difference between the 2 files in the default compare tool.

5. Click on the External Diff button on the top right corner.
6. This will open up the KDiff3 tool automatically and show the difference between the 2 versions (commits) in KDiff3
7. Similarly we can set up source tree to use other file comparison/Merge tools like Beyond-Compare, WinMerge etc..
8. KDiff is an independent tool, it can also be used to do comparison between 2 files in the disk.

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