Saturday, February 7, 2015

Advantages of AngularJS

AngularJS is an open source JavaScript Framework to build dynamic web pages, AngularJS provides a number of advantages in designing and developing modern web applications the following are the list of the major advantages of using AngularJS.
Extends HTML by providing additional attributes (AngularJS directives), these attributes add a number of additional features to the HTML tags just by adding a reference to the AngularJS library.

Provides automatic 2 ways data binding between the view and models in the client side, AngularJS takes care of updating the DOM thus we get 2-way data binding out of the box.
Provides MVC Framework implementation in the client side, AngularJS allows us to define the model, view and controller layers in the client side.

Provides Filtering ability to control data displayed to the client, JSON data obtained from the server can be easily filtered, sorted, formatted easily in the client side by applying AngularJS filters.

Provides ability to create Single Page Web Applications, AngularJS allows us to define a single HTML page and dynamically change the view on the page, this offers performance benefits since the page is not re-loaded every time, but the view DOM of the page is dynamically changed.

Supports Ajax calls to server side APIs using the $http & $resource services, these services help in getting live data from the server side APIs thus making the application interactive and dynamic.

Supports test driven development by supporting dependency injection, AngularJS allows us to test individual modules by injecting test data. 

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