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PDF Signature, sign PDF Documents

The mypdfsignature tool adds your transparent signature stamp to PDF documents. A transparent signature stamp is your physical signature in an electronic format that you can place on the signature line or anywhere on a PDF, Word or other electronic documents.  It’s transparent in that the contents of the document can be seen behind the signature.

The below Figure 1 represents a signature on a white background which hides the content behind the signature, while Figure 2 represents a transparent signature above the content.

Normally any format documents needs to be signed physically for it to have value, this requires the document to be emailed, printed and signed, moreover if the signed document needs to be sent to someone else, then it needs to be scanned into a document before being sent.  Transparent signature helps us to prevent this by adding a transparent signature to the document and sending it right away. This saves time, printer ink and paper ultimately saving a few trees from being cut for paper.

Digital signature

Digital signature is another way of signing documents. A digital signature is a file with an algorithm that produces a key for identification purposes and time stamps the document when it is signed.  When a recipient opens the document and double clicks the signature, a window opens stating that the document hasn’t changed since its creation.

Digital signatures are implemented using cryptographic keys. Implementing a proper digtal signature required 3 cryptographic algorithms, the first one for key generation, second one for signing and the third one for sign verification. 

Digital Signature Vs Transparent Signature

A digital signature is quite a bit more complicated and the function is not included in the two free and most commonly used PDF readers, Adobe Reader and Apple Preview.

Implementing a proper digital signature is quite a complex process when compared to transparent signatures.

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