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Advantages of PDF Files

Advantages of PDF Files

Portable Document Format), is a file format introduced by Adobe in 1993, since then PDF Files have become one of the most preferable file format for publishing and sharing information. PDF files come with a .pdf file extension and can be opened using the Free Adobe Reader editor.

PDF Files can contain a combination of Text and Graphical information. PDF Files have many advantages over other document formats. The following list shows some of the advantages of PDF files over other formats.

Advantages of PDF Files

PDF files can be viewed using Adobe Reader which is a free Tool.
PDF files can also be viewed without the Adobe Reader; PDF files can be opened in most of the modern browsers.
Size of PDF files are less when compared to other formats like TIFF, BMP. PDF Files can retain the same quality with much lesser file size.
Unlike JPEG or BMP formats, PDF files support multipage, hence we can use a single file to store multiple images / text.
Unlike other document formats like Text, Word, etc PDF files are by default read only, hence the content in PDF files are secured and cannot be changed.
PDF files are platform and Operating System independent, they can be viewed in Windows, Linux and also Mac.
Scanned documents can be converted into PDF files of various types like Color, Grayscale, Black And White and with various compression levels for size optimization.
PDF files can be secured using a password; confidential documents can be secured using passwords to maintain integrity of the documents.
Security restrictions can be placed on PDF files in such a way that the content of the files cannot be printed/copied/altered. This feature comes in handy for publishing copyrighted material.
We can add hyperlinks in PDF documents which can be used to link to other documents.
Any type of document like Word, Excel, JPEG, etc can be easily converted into a PDF document using one of the many PDF Converters.
PDF file format meets the entire meet legal document requirement, hence can be used to publish Legal information.
PDF Documents provide Search and Find options which can be used to find specific words in a PDF File. These Search and Find options also work on Scanned PDF documents.
PDF Files can be electronically signed using Adobe Acrobat XI.
PDF Forms can be used collect information from users, PDF Forms can contain User Input controls like TextBox, CheckBox, etc which can be used to collect information from users. This feature comes in handy to prepare questionnaires and Surveys. The PDF Forms can simple be created and mailed to various users, the users can fill in the forms and reply to the mail with the updated form. The sender can finally consolidate the inputs from all the users using Adobe FormsCentral.
Mobile version of Adobe PDF Readers are available for iPad, iPhone, Android devices etc, so the PDF files can also be shared across mobile devices.

PDF Tools

Use the PDF Creator tool to convert your exiting documents in any format to a PDF Document.

Use the PDF Editor tool to edit and modify existing PDF Documents

Use the PDF Signature tool to add transparent signatures to your PDF Documents

The above is just a short list of PDF features, PDF is evolving more and more features are getting added with every new version of PDF. PDF is already a universal format for publishing and sharing information. PDF readers are also available for mobile devices, taking it to the next level of document publishing and sharing.

The next times you want to create a document make sure that it is a 
PDF File

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AshleyT Reynolds said...

Really True... PDF files are more advantageous than any other format. These are more secure and of smaller size. That's why we need to convert editable documents like MS Word to PDF.

Jimmy Jarred said...

PDF is the well known and most powerful document format which is mainly popular because of the security features that it provides. Thank you for highlighting all the main benefits.
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