Saturday, May 25, 2013

What is OOP?

OOP stands for Object Oriented Programming, as the name suggests OOP is a type of programming pattern which is governed by OOP principles.

Prior to the introduction of OOP, programming was done using structural programming languages like Fortran, Pascal etc. In structural programming languages the order of execution of the program is sequential, i.e execution happens line by line starting from the first line till the last line in the program is completed.

Object Oriented Programming introduces a new way of programming which focus on code reuse, unlike procedural programming languages, OOP programs do not execute in a sequential manner, execution can branch from one line of the program to a different function, and returns back to the calling function/program after the called function executes. OOP emphasis on modular and reusable programming concepts.

Today every programming language supports the concept of OOPS, most of the Design Patterns are based on the OOPs concepts, hence it is vital to understand the concepts of OOPS and use them effectively in every program.

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