Thursday, July 9, 2015

What is MVC Architecture?

MVC – Model View Controller
is an architecture used commonly for web application development, the MVC architecture is supported by server side web development frameworks like Asp.Net, Java etc. AngularJS extends the MVC architecture to client side java script based applications.

As the name suggests the MVC framework consists the following 3 parts components
Model – Set of classes / objects which represent the data / data model, this layer is responsible for storing and sharing required data whenever required to the other layers in MVC

View – This is the UI layer which the user sees and interacts, this layer contains the controls visible to the user and the events triggered by the user, the data from the model is presented to the user in the View layer

Controller – This is an important component of the MVC architecture which binds the model and the view together, the controller also handles any events which are triggered from the view, the controller decides when and which model object to be invoked and bound to the view layer. Data from the model is bound to the view using data binding.

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