Sunday, April 8, 2018

Advantages of React?

Virtual DOM
The first advantage of React over other JavaScript libraries is Performance.
React uses a concept called Virtual DOM which minimizes updates to the DOM and thereby reducing render time and increasing performance.

React uses a Component based approach to build web applications. React allows us to build granular level components like label, textbox etc We can wrap these components into other components and build larger components, this allows us to have full control of the application from the top level to the most granular level.

Server side Rendering.
React allows the web page to be built in the server side and rendered to the browser as a normal HTML page. This provides us 2 key benefits SEO Friendly & Faster page load.

SEO Friendly: Applications with heavy JavaScript usage fail with search engine, since most of the processing is done at the client side and contents are rendered dynamically. With the server side rendering the components are processed in the server and rendered to the client as a normal HTML page, this makes it easier for the Search engines to read the keywords and content of the pages.

Faster page load: If an application uses heavy JavaScript, then the initial page load will be slow due to the JavaScript processing. Server side rendering overcomes this delay, since the page is processed in the server and sent to the client as HTML ready to be loaded instantly. The first page loads quickly and the depended JavaScript libraries and source gets loaded in the background this will take care of subsequent events/changes in the client side.

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