Thursday, November 27, 2014

Advantages of Git

Advantages of Git

Git is a distributed version control and source control system, user to maintain versioning of documents and project source code. Unlike the conventional version control systems Git is a distributed version control system, hence is a lot different from the conventional systems like VSS, SVN etc.

Git has a lot of advantages when compared to the conventional version control systems, the following are the advantages of the Git version control system.

1. Git is a free, open-source version control system, hence no license is required.
2. Git is a light weight system, it can be downloaded and installed quickly.
3. Git is a distributed version control system, every repository / working folder is a full version control system on its own.
4. Git is secured, Git uses a checksum mechanism to commit and retrieve files from the repository, Git uses a 40 character SHA-1 hash value to reference a file in the repository.
5. Git introduces a new concept called Staging area, the changes made to the local copy are first pushed to the staging area before being actually committed to the repository.
6. Git repository can be operated using commands from the Git Bash or by using UI tools like SourceTree.

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