Sunday, November 30, 2014

Staging changes using Git Bash

Staging changes using Git Bash 

Once the changes are done in the local working copy, they need to be staged/indexed, this will move the changes to the staging area, from here the changes should be committed to the local repository, and finally be pushed to the remote repository for other users to use the changes. 

Working copy -> Staging -> Commit to Local Repository -> Push to Remote Repository
Use the following steps to stage changes using Git Bash

1.    Open Git Bash
2.    Navigate to the working folder in which the changes to be committed are to be done using the cd command.
cd c:\\GitWorkingFolder\\documents
3.    Add / modify files in the working folder, I have added a new file “Git Bash.docx”
4.    Run the “git add .” command to move the changes to staging.

5.    Now the changes are ready to be committed

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