Thursday, November 27, 2014

Features of a Version control system

Features of a Version control system

The main function of a version control system is to manage multiple versions of a document or code and make it available at any point in time, however version control systems provide many other features which enable sharing of a documents and code amount multiple users and still maintain the integrity of the code.

The following are some of the common features provided by a Version control system.

1. Maintaining multiple versions of a document.
2. Allow sharing of a document with multiple users using Check-in / Check-out concept.
3. Allow labeling a set of files with a single Name.
4. Allow Branching and Merging of a set of document / code-base.
5. Allows comparing multiple versions of a file to identify the difference between the 2 versions.
6. Allows tracking to track which change was made by which user.
7. Some of the advanced version control systems also allow Build Automation and Continuous Integration, which enable the checked-in code to be built and deployed automatically to the deployment servers.

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