Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cloning a Remote Repository using Git Bash

Cloning a Remote Repository using Git Bash

The clone command can be used to cone a copy of the existing remote repository, alternatively you can also create a new repository all together using the “$ git init” command.

In this post we shall cone an existing repository, which resides in a remote machine. In my case the remote repository is hosted in BitBucket, you can clone any remote repository from the web like BitBucket, GitHub etc or from a local machine in the network.

Use the following steps to clone a remote repository using Git Bash

1.    Open Git Bash
2.    Navigate to the working folder to which the remote repository is to be cloned using
the cd command.
cd c:\GitWorkingFolder
3.    Use the clone command to clone the remote repository.
git clone

4.    Enter the password when requested

5.    Once the clone is completed, a local repository gets created; all files in the remote repository are copied to the working folder.
6.    All additions/changes can now be done and committed to the local repository

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