Thursday, November 27, 2014

Distributed Version Control System

A version control system, also called revision control or source control system is a tool/system which is used to manage changes to a document, the system enables storing multiple versions of a document, the user can at any point in time go back and retrieve a specific version of the document which was saved in the past.

In general version control systems have a centralized server/repository and all the clients get the document from the server, however distributed version control system does not need a centralized repository / server. Each user has its own repository of the documents / code.

A user can copy a repository using a process called Cloning and create a whole new repository in his local system, the repository so created is a full repository on its own, it contains all the revision/history details of the files in the repository.

Repositories can also exchange files between themselves, managing multiple repositories will lead to complexities; hence it is advisable to have a centralized repository and manage local working copies of the files.

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