Thursday, November 27, 2014

What is a Version Control System?

What is a Version Control System?

A version control system, also called revision control or Source control system is a tool/system which is used to manage changes to a document, the system enables storing multiple versions of a document, the user can at any point in time go back and retrieve a specific version of the document which was saved in the past.

Every version of the document is given a number or code called as the revision number or version number or label using which a specific version of the document can be retrieved at a later point in time.

In software industry the version control systems are used to manage the source code of an application or project. The system allows code to be shared amount multiple users and makes sure that the integrity of the code is maintained.

When multiple users work on a project there are changes that two or more users work on the same file and the changes made by one user get overwritten by another, the version control systems makes sure that this doesn’t happen using a concept called check-in / check-out.

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