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jQuery Mobile: Develop and Design (Imported Edition)

Covering the latest version of the jQuery Mobile Framework, jQuery Mobile: Develop and Designteaches readers step-by-step how to get started, how to write code, and ultimately how to create mobile websites using the jQuery Mobile framework. The book is hands-on, with code examples (with corresponding on-line demos) and activities throughout.


jQuery Mobile: Develop and Design (Imported Edition)

Kris Hadlock
Peachpit Publishing
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Rs. 2062/-

Table of Contents

Part I. The foundation of jQuery Mobile
1. Introducing the future of web development 
2. Understanding jQuery 
3. HTML5 and data- attributes 
4. Getting started with jQuery Mobile 

Part II. UI Components
5. Creating multi-page web sites with jQuery Mobile 
6. Diving deeper into jQuery Mobile pages 
7. Dialog and popup windows 
8. Working with Toolbars 
9. Layout options 
10. Creating simple lists 
11. Enhancing lists 
12. Search filtering 
13. Form elements 
14. Exposed form methods and events 

Part III. Themes 
15. Theming jQuery Mobile 
16. Creating a custom jQuery Mobile theme 

Part IV. The Mobile API 
17. Global options 
18. Hooking into events 
19. Working with exposed methods 

Part V. Beyond jQuery Mobile 
20. Using CSS3 to create responsive layouts 
21. Detecting mobile devices 
22. Testing with simulators 

Part VI. Creating a jQuery Mobile CMS 
23. Creating a mobile WordPress Theme 
24. Creating a mobile Drupal website

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