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jQuery UI (Imported Edition)

This jQuery book is from the O’reilly cookbook series, this book is for both basic users who want to get started with jQuery UI and for advanced developers how are already familiar with jQuery. The first chapter introduces to jQuery UI, advanced users can skip this and move on to the 2nd chapter.

The jQueryUI applies the power and standards of jQuery to user interface design. The library provides elegant versions of many features HTML5 lacks, including tabs, accordions, and dialogs. It also provides programming support for common but complex tasks like managing drag and drop and autocomplete. This code-heavy guide demonstrates how to apply this power to common web situations.

jQuery UI (Imported Edition)
Eric Sarrion
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to jQuery UI

jQuery UI Installation

Overview of jQuery UI

What Is a CSS Theme?

Which Files Should We Include in Our HTML Pages?

Change the CSS Theme

And Now?

Chapter 2 Tabs

Basic Principles of Tabs

Formatting Content

The tabs () Method

The bind () Method

Examples of Using Tabs

Chapter 3
 Accordion Menus

Basic Principles of Accordion Menus

Formatting Content

The accordion () Method

Event Management in Accordion Menus with bind ()

Examples of Using Accordion Menus

Chapter 4
 Dialog Boxes

Basic Principles of Dialog Boxes

Formatting Content

The dialog () Method

Event Handling in Dialog Boxes with bind ()

Examples of Using Dialog Boxes

Chapter 5

Basic Principles of Buttons

Formatting Content

The button () Method

Event Handling on Buttons with bind ()

Radio Buttons


Examples of Using Buttons

Chapter 6
 Progress Bars

Basic Principles of Progress Bars

Formatting Content

The progressbar () Method

Handling Events in Progress Bars with bind ()

Examples of Using Progress Bars

Chapter 7

Basic Principles of Sliders

Formatting Content

The slider () Method

Event Management on the Sliders with bind ()

Examples of Using Sliders

Chapter 8

Basic Principles of Datepickers

Formatting Content

The datepicker () Method

Examples of Using Datepickers

Chapter 9

Basic Principles of Autocompletion

Formatting Content

The autocomplete () Method

Event Management on the List of Suggestions with bind ()

Examples of Using the Autocompletion Mechanism

Chapter 10

The draggable () Method

Event Management on the Moved Elements with bind ()

Examples of Using Drag Functionality

The droppable () Method

Event Management on the Elements of Deposit with bind ()

Examples of Using the Drop Functionality: A Shopping Cart

Chapter 11
 Selecting Items

Basic Principles of Selecting Items

Formatting Content

The selectable () Method

Event Management in the Selection with bind ()

Examples of Using the Selection Mechanism

Chapter 12
 Permutation of Elements in the Page

Basic Principles of Permutation of Elements

Formatting Content

The sortable () Method

Event Management of the Permutation with bind ()

Examples of Using the Permutation Mechanism

Chapter 13

Basic Principles of Resizing

Formatting Content

The resizable () Method

Handling Events when Resizing with bind ()

Examples of Using the Resizing Mechanism

Chapter 14
 Visual Effects in jQuery UI

New Visual Effects

The show (), hide (), and toggle () Methods

The animate () method Improved by jQuery UI

Producing Effects with CSS Classes

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