Friday, November 9, 2012

Pro SharePoint with jQuery

This book is from Apress Publishing, for intermediate programmers interested in building rich, interactive web parts, application pages and more using the combined power of jQuery and SharePoint.

What you’ll learn
The basics of jQuery effects, including styling elements,
generating HTML markup on the fly, and creating modal dialogs
How to debug your jQuery
How to create a task management application page that allows users to easily create, edit and move tasks across statuses
How to use JQuery's built-in Ajax functions to dynamically load data into a web part
How to work with the SharePoint web services to interact with your SharePoint data
How to work with the SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model with jQuery
jQuery plug-in development patterns to create modular, reusable jQuery plug-ins.


Pro SharePoint with jQuery

Phill Duffy
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Table of Contents

Introducing jQuery
Integrating jQuery into SharePoint
Common jQuery Features, Actions and Methods
Viewing SharePoint Data using jQuery
Building a Task List Viewer Application Page
Adding Controls to Create, Edit, and Delete Tasks
Enhancing SharePoint with jQuery
Using jQuery Plugins to Enhance SharePoint 
Extending jQuery

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