Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pro jQuery Mobile (Imported Edition)


You need to build an app, and you need it to run everywhere. And you need it now! jQuery Mobile gives you the ability to write once and run everywhere using jQuery and jQuery UI. Pro jQuery Mobile will teach you how to create themable, responsive, native-looking applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and more.

1.    Discover what sets jQuery Mobile apart from other mobile web development platforms
2.    Walk through practical examples of jQuery Mobile features, including design elements and event handling
3.    Dig into the jQuery API, integrate web services, and learn how to publish to app stores with Phone Gap

jQuery Mobile is a framework for delivering cross-platform mobile web applications with a unified interface. jQuery Mobile combines responsive layouts with progressive enhancement to render the best possible user experience from a single code base. With Pro jQuery Mobile, you'll be creating amazing mobile apps in no time.


Pro jQuery Mobile (Imported Edition)

Brad Broulik
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What you’ll learn

1.    Unique features of jQuery Mobile
2.    jQuery Mobile core features, including page structure, navigation, and form elements
3.    The entire jQuery Mobile API, including data attributes, methods, and events
4.    How to apply jQuery Mobile to specific cases, including iOS and Android apps
5.    How to publish your apps to app stores via PhoneGap
6.    Integrating web services and Google Maps into your jQuery Mobile apps

Who this book is for 
Mobile developers who want to master jQuery Mobile and build cross-platform mobile web applications from a single code base. 

Table of Contents
1. Why jQuery Mobile? 
2. Getting Started with jQuery Mobile 
3. Navigating with Toolbars 
4. Form Elements and Buttons 
5. Presenting Lists of Information 
6. Formatting Content with Grids and CSS 
7. Creating Themable Designs 
8. jQuery Mobile API 
9. Working Effectively with Services 
10. Distributing jQuery Mobile Natively with PhoneGap 
11. Finding Your Way with Google Maps

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