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jQuery Mobile First Look

This book will help you learn one of the most promising JavaScript mobile frameworks and grasp how widgets and elements work and what you can do to customize and enhance their behavior.
A by-example guide that will let you explore all the features of jQuery Mobile and get you ready for all the mobile web development you will do

What you will learn from this book :
1.    Discover why jQuery Mobile is a significantly better choice compared to other libraries and frameworks, most of which target iOS devices only
2.    Handle events, configure options, and customize the look and feel of jQuery Mobile
3.    Create and style pages and dialogs, and understand how links are handled by this framework
4.    Understand the fundamentals of list views and their importance in the way jQuery Mobile displays information
5.    Display content to suit your needs and make everything look like a full-fledged RIA even on a mobile screen
6.    Use toolbars to provide additional options and control to the user, and learn to position, theme, and enhance them
7.    Understand buttons and their key role in mobile development: how they can be grouped, displayed, customized for a better user experience
8.    Create forms and submit data via AJAX with jQuery Mobile: also implement sliders, toggle switches, and search inputs into your fieldset.


jQuery Mobile First Look

Kris Hadlock
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is jQuery Mobile?
How jQuery Mobile was born
jQuery mobile and other libraries
Who is it for?
How does it look?
What should I remember?
Sencha Touch
Who is it for?
How does it look?
What should I remember?
Who is it for?
How does it look?
What should I remember?
Who is it for?
How does it look?
What should I remember?
Type of package comparison
Why choose jQuery Mobile?
How to get jQuery mobile
jQuery Mobile in action
Getting involved

Chapter 2: Organizing Content: Pages and Dialogs

Understanding page structure
How multi-page templates work
How to link internal and external pages
Navigation and page transitioning in AJAX
Dialogs: creation, deletion, and behavior
Theming pages and dialogs

Chapter 3: Configuring and Extending jQuery Mobile

Customizing default settings
Handling events
Touch events
Scroll events
Page-related events
Working with methods and utilities
Using the theme framework

Chapter 4: Reading, Writing, Communicating: Content

How content is displayed
Default HTML markup styling
Using columns and grids
How to create a simple grid with buttons
Creating grids with more than two columns
A note on collapsible blocks
Nested collapsible blocks
Collapsible sets
Theming content

Chapter 5: Navigation Made Easier: Toolbars

How do toolbars actually work?
Different types of bars
Header bars
Creating a header
Customizing buttons
Footer bars
Creating a footer
Adding buttons and other elements
Creating a navbar
Customizing navbars
On positioning
Fixed positioning
Fullscreen positioning
Persistent footer
Theming toolbars

Chapter 6: Mobile Clicking: Buttons

What do buttons look and feel like in jQuery mobile?
Buttons markup and icons
Creating link buttons
Creating form buttons
Adding icons
Displaying buttons
Inline buttons
Grouped buttons
Theming buttons

Chapter 7: Transmitting Information: Forms

Form basics
Form structure and initialization
Input elements
Text inputs
Text fields
Password fields
Text areas
Search inputs
Flip switches, radio buttons, and checkboxes
Flip toggle switches
Radio buttons
Sliders and select menus
Select menus
Theming forms

Chapter 8: Organizing Information: List Views

Basics and conventions for list views
Nested lists
Numbered lists
Read-only lists
Split button lists
Spicing up your lists
Count bubbles
List dividers
Formatting content
Implementing a search filter bar

Appendix A: API Calls and Properties

List of properties and methods
$.mobile options
$.mobile methods
$.mobile.path methods
$.mobile.path properties
$.mobile.urlHistory methods
$.mobile.urlHistory properties
$.support tests
Button plugin
Check and radio boxes plugin
Collapsible plugin
Dialog plugin
List view plugin
Navbar plugin
Page plugin
Select plugin
Slider plugin
Text input plugin

Appendix B: Resources and Troubleshooting

Online and offline resources
Official jQuery and jQuery Mobile documentation
jQuery 1.4 reference guide
jQuery mobile gallery
Development tools
FireBug (Firefox)
Internet Explorer 8 developer tools
Safari web inspector
Dragonfly (Opera)
Chrome web inspector
Mobile equivalent of $(document).ready
Target object
Creating custom themes and swatches


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