Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pro jQuery (Imported Edition)

This jQuery book is from the APress, this book is for absolute beginners, Part I gives an overview of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and code jQuery concepts. Part II explains about jQuery UI and the UI Widgets. Part III focuses on jQuery for mobile. Finally Part IV gives inputs on Utility methods and Frameworks. On a whole this is a complete book for jQuery beginners.

In Pro jQuery, seasoned author Adam Freeman explains how to get the most from jQuery by focusing on the features you need for your project. He starts with the nuts and bolts and shows you everything through to advanced features, going in depth to give you the knowledge you need. Getting the most from jQuery is essential to truly mastering web development.

Pro jQuery (Imported Edition)
Adam Freeman
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Table of Contents

Part I
1.    Putting jQuery In Context
2.    HTML Primer
3.    CSS Primer 
4.    JavaScript Primer 
5.    The jQuery Basics
6.    Managing the Element Selection 
7.    Manipulating the DOM
8.    Manipulatng the Elements
9.    Working with Events
10. Using jQuery Effects 
11. Refractoring the Example: Part I 
12. Using Data Templates
13. Working with Forms
14. Using Ajax:

Part II
15. Using Ajax
16. Refractoring the Example
17. Setting Up jQuery UI
18. Using the Button, Progress Bar, and Slider Widgets 
19. Using the Autocomplete and Accordion Widgets
20. Using the Tabs Widget
21. Using the Datepicker Widget 
22. Using the Dialog Widget 
23. Using the Drag & Drop Interactions 
24. Using the Other Interactions 

Part III 
25. Refactoring the Example
26. Getting Started with jQuery Mobile 
27. Pages and Navigation
28. Dialogs, Themes, and Layouts 
29. Buttons and Collapsible Blocks
30. Using jQuery Mobile Forms
31. jQuery Mobile Lists 

Part IV 
32. Refactoring the Mobile Example
33. Using the jQuery Utility Methods
34. The jQuery UI Effects & CSS Framework
35. Using Deferred Objects

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