Friday, November 9, 2012

Smashing jQuery (Imported Edition)

Smashing jQuery offers an exploration of jQuery fundamentals, covering basic concepts like understanding the Document Object Model (DOM), selectors, ajax, plugin authoring and more.

The book is very much targeted at those who are new to jQuery (i.e haven't really used it before), but manages to go a step further than some of the other beginner titles by providing additional tips and best practice pointers before delving deeper into a topic.


Smashing jQuery (Imported Edition)

Jake Rutter
John Wiley & Sons
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From the world's most popular resource for web designers and developer's comes the ultimate guide to jQuery
  1. Begins with an exploration of fundamental jQuery concepts such as Document Object Model (DOM) scripting
  2. Explores writing "Don't Repeat Yoursefl" (DRY) to gain a comprehensive understanding of these imperative modern techniques and best practices
  3. Shows how jQuery enables the user to adhere to these modern best practices with ease
  4. The succeeding chapters discuss a specific part of jQuery development such as manipulating the DOM, working with Ajax, and adding slick animation effects through tutorial style learning approach that utilizes working examples to explore the concept
  5. The books caps off by discussing popular ways of extending the core jQuery library with pugins and building web interfaces using jQuery UI

Table of Contents

Part I: Introducing JQuery and JavaScript.
Chapter 1. Introducing jQuery.

Chapter 2. Getting Started with jQuery.

Part II. Learning the JQuery Fundamentals.

Chapter 3. Using Selectors, Filters, and CSS: jQuery at Its Core.
Chapter 4. Working with Events.
Chapter 5. Making Your Site Come Alive with Effects.

Part III: Applying JQuery to Your Web Site.

Chapter 6. Improving Navigation: Menus, Tabs, and Accordions.
Chapter 7. Creating Interactive and Exciting Tables.
Chapter 8. Creating Advanced Forms with jQuery.

Part IV: Exploring Advanced JQuery.

Chapter 9. Working with Dynamic Data and Ajax.
Chapter 10. Creating and Using jQuery Plug-Ins.
Chapter 11. Developing for the Mobile Web with jQuery.
Chapter 12. Finding jQuery Resources.

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