Friday, June 14, 2013

Advantages of CLR Profiler

The CLR Profiler is a very handy tool especially when you are analyzing your application for performance issues. The CLR Profiler shows a clear picture of what is happening behind the scene when your application is running, it shows the state of the Managed Heap, the cycles run by Garbage Collection. This information will be very useful in identifying performance bottlenecks and memory related issues in your application.

The CLR Profiler is a free tool and is developed and distributed by the Microsoft Performance team, hence it integrates seamless with .Net Applications

The following are some of the advantages of using the CLR Profiler.

1. Helps identifying code blocks which have performance issues.
2. Displays the status of memory usage in a graphical manner for detailed analysis.
3. Helps track the activities behind the scene for the entire application life cycle
4. Helps optimizing the code by projecting areas of concern.
5. Displays the state and number of cycles of Garbage Collection runs throughout the life cycle of the application, this helps identifying performance issues due poor object usage.
6. Helps identify memory leaks, and the objects which are causing such issues.
7. Provides information on the execution time of each block / method, this helps us in identifying blocks of code which cause performance issues.

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