Monday, June 24, 2013

Advantages of Distributed Caching

In general Caching improves performance of an application by storing frequently used information in the cache memory which is easily accessible when compared to the standard memory. Simple caching techniques can be used for smaller applications which get executed in a single server, however when it comes to larger applications which cannot run in a single server the simple caching techniques are not sufficient enough.

Larger applications required multiple servers, running in parallel to handle the huge volume of requests, hence we need Distributed Caching for large applications. The following are the advantages of using Distributed Caching.

1. Supports large applications which need to be scaled across multiple servers in a web-farm.

2. Makes use of the memory and CPU of the cache servers hence does not add any load to the web server or the database servers.

3. Supports adding multiple cache servers to the architecture, and automatically takes care of synchronizing the cache data across the cache servers.

4. Highly scalable, and can store and retrieve any amount of data quickly.

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