Friday, June 14, 2013

CLR Profiler error - Waiting for application to start common language runtime

When you try to analyze your application using the CLR Profiler, you might get the following error at times.

Waiting for application to start common language runtime

The reason for this error could be one of the following.
1. The CLR Profiler is not compatible with the version of .Net Framework used by your application.
2. The CPR Profiler you choose 32/64 bit is not compatible with your Application

1. Check the version of the .Net Framework for which the CLR Profiler was designed, make sure that the version matches with the Framework version used to develop your application.

CLR Profiler for .Net Framework can be obtained from the below link

2.CLR Profiler comes in 32/64 bit formats, when you extract the downloaded CLR Profiler you can see 2 folders 32 & 64 in the path \CLR Profiler\Binaries\. Make sure that you use the right format of the CLR Profiler which you used to develop your .net Application.

Making sure that these two are correct should solve the above error.

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