Sunday, June 16, 2013

PerfView - Managed Heap Snapshot Report

The PerfView is a performance analysis tool from Microsoft, the tool can be used to analyze application performance of both Windows and Web based applications. In this post we shall see on how to analyze the data from the Managed Heap, to determine the memory utilization of the application.

To analyze the Memory Utilization and Heap details of an application follow the below steps.

1. Start / Run the Application which you want to Profile
2. Open PerfView.exe
3. Select memory -> Take Heap Snapshot
4. A popup will open with all the running processes.
5. Filter and select the application process which you want to profile.
6. Click on the Dump GC Heap button.
7. Now start working on your application.
8. Once you are done click on the Close button
9. PerfView will automatically open the GCDump summary report as follows.

10. The report will display the list of objects, starting with the largest object

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