Sunday, June 16, 2013

Performance Monitor – Detailed Report View

The Windows Performance Monitor is a performance monitoring tool, which comes along with the windows operating system. The Performance Monitor tool provides various performance counters and factors which can be used to analyze and determine the performance of a system on a whole or that of a specific process over a specific period of me.

The Performance Monitor displays the details captured by the counter is different formats like Line Graph, Histogram and a Detailed Report view.

To change the output view to detailed report view, click on the report menu and select the Report option as below.

In this view we get the details of the various parameters which we added to the counter, this view is useful for those who know the details of the parameters which they selected and the impact of those parameters on the system.

This view might be difficult to understand for beginners and those who do not have much idea on the performance parameters, these type of uses can use the line graph or histogram view.

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