Monday, June 17, 2013

Satellite Assembly

Satellite Assemblies are used to create multilingual applications which needs to display information to the end users in multiple languages. Satellite assemblies do not contain any executable code, they contain only culture specific resource files which can be used by the main assembly to display details to the end user in their preferred language.

Language specific resources should be created and compiled into Satellite Assemblies using the Assembly Linker tool Al.exe.
al /t:lib / /culture:fr /out:MyApp.resources.dll

If the satellite assemblies are to be placed in the Global Assembly Cache, for sharing with other applications then they need to be signed with a strong name key. 

String names for assemblies can be created using a built in .Net tool called “sn”

sn –k C:\mysample.key

Satellite assemblies can be installed into the GAC either by manually copying / dragging them into the GAC folder of by using the built in .Net utility “gacutil” /i:MyApp.resources.dll

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