Monday, June 24, 2013

What is AppFabric Caching

AppFabric provides a distributed caching platform, used to develop highly scalable applications which require a cache to provide performance optimization. The caching platform can be scaled out by adding multiple cache servers to the architecture.

AppFabric caching platform takes care of sharing the cached objects across the cache servers automatically, and makes sure that the cache objects added to one of the instances is made available in all other instances.

AppFabric caching platform can be used to store session state objects or objects which are used frequently and do not change quite often. In the absence of caching these objects should be stored either in the database or in the web server.

Storing the objects in the database leads to performance degradation since these objects needs to be queried and retrieved from the database every time the application needs to objects. Asp.Net provides this option to store the session objects using SQL state, but the performance will have to be compromised a bit with this option.

Storing the objects in the web server uses of a lot of memory space since the objects should be stored in the web server’s memory, also scaling these objects in a load balancing architecture becomes difficult. Asp.Net offers a caching feature similar to this, however there are 2 key issues with this, first is that the objects get saved in the Web Server’s memory and the second is that they cannot scale across in a web farm architecture.

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