Sunday, June 16, 2013

Advantages of Performance Monitor

The Windows Performance Monitor is the first and basic Performance Monitoring tool used by any developer or system admin, since is it part of the Windows operating system, needs to download or installation it is per-build when you install Windows.

The following are the advantages of the Performance Monitor Tool
1. The Basic report provides a fair idea of the systems performance on various factors.
2. The Basic report need no configuration, it just starts when you start Performance Counter
3. The Basic report covers all aspects like CPU, Memory, Disk I/O etc of the system.
4. Can be used in servers, to monitor overall server performance over days or even weeks.
5. Logs created by performance monitor can be used to make decisions on scaling up/out servers.
6. Free tool
7. No installation required since it is pre-built with Windows
8. Reliable since it is part of Windows Operating System.
9. Allows creation of custom counters to monitor specific activity like Memory, CPU, Disk I/O etc.
10. Provides different formats of Graphical reporting like, Line Graph, Histogram or Tabular reports 

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