Friday, June 14, 2013

Using CLR profiler to Profile a Windows Application

The CLR Profiler can be used to profiler your windows / web application. The CLR Profiler provides useful inputs in how the application is executed in the underlying runtime environment.

Before you profile your application using the CLR Profiler make sure that you are using the correct version of the CLR Profiler which matches with the version of the framework which was used to develop the application. Also make sure to select the format of the CLP Profiler 32/64 bit based on how you developed your application.

Once you selected the correct CLR Profiler, use the following steps to profile your windows application.
1. Start CLR Profiler (CLRProfiler.exe)
2. Make sure that the following check boxes are selected:
Profiling active

3. Click Start Application (or) Select File -> Profile Application
4. In the File dialog which opens, select the applications .Exe file and click Open
5. This will open the application, work on the application and finally close the application
6. Once the application exits, the Profiler summary screen will open automatically
7. You can also click on View -> summary to open the Summary

The following screen shows on how the summary details will be displayed for a simple Windows Application.

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