Sunday, June 16, 2013

Advantages of PerfView

PerfView is a performance analysis tool, developed by the Microsoft Performance Team to debug and analyze memory and CPU related performance issues.

PerfView has the following advantages.
1. New tool created by the .NET Performance Testing team.

2. PerfView was able to capture multiple snapshots of the heap, compare those snapshots

3. PerfView uses reliable sources of data for analysis; it pulls data from Windows ETW and Managed Heap.

4. It is a light weight component, does not add any overload to the system under study.

5. It is easily portable, does not require any installation or configuration.

6. Allows comparing data collected from 2 scenarios, this helps us to measure and compare the performance difference.

7. If is a free tool, can be downloaded from the following Microsoft site.

8. Can be used to profile both Rich Client and Web Based applications.

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