Sunday, December 7, 2014

Checkout a branch using Git Bash

The checkout command is used to switch to a specific branch, also the checkout command gets the latest changes from the specified branch and updates them to the local working folder. Before using the checkout command to switch to a branch, the specific branch should be created using the git branch command.  

The checkout command can be used with the –b switch to create a new branch and switch to that branch in a single command.

$git checkout -b
The above command is equivalent to the following 2 commands.

$git branch
$git checkout

Use the following steps to checkout to a specific branch.

1.    Open Git Bash
2.    Navigate to the working folder in which the changes to be committed are to be done using the cd command.
cd c:\\GitWorkingFolder\\documents
Use the “git checkout ” command to checkout to a different branch.

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