Saturday, December 13, 2014

SourceTree Creating a Clone Repository (Working Copy) from the remote Repository.

Before working on a repository, we will have to create a local copy of the repository from the remote repository, this can be done by cloning the remote repository. Cloning will make a full copy of the remote repository in the local machine, changes committed in the local working copy will get applied to the local repository, and later the changes can be merged to the remote repository by pushing the changes from local to remote repository.

In this post we shall see on how to clone a copy of the remote repository to the local machine. Before starting make sure that you install SourceTree in your local machine. Once you have SourceTree follow the below steps to clone the remote repository.

Open Source Tree
Click the Clone/New Repository toolbar icon
Enter the Git repository URL under Source Path / URL
Enter the local working folder path under Destination Path

Click on the Clone button
         Once the cloning is done, you will get a confirmation prompt.

Once the Clone operation is completed, the files from the remote repository gets copied to the local working folder specified.

   In the main window the files are listed, the Staged Changes and Working Copy Changes  section are empty, meaning that the remote repository and the local repository are identical.

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