Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fetch in SourceTree

The fetch command in Git/Source Tree is used to get the changes (commits) from remote repository to the local repositories, the local working copy is not affected as a result of executing the Fetch command, this gives an opportunity to get the remote changes and do a comparison with the local version before we merge and commit the local changes.

Fetch can be done on a specific branch or on all the branches, by selecting the appropriate option. Use the following steps to fetch the latest details (commits) from a remote branch to the local branch using Source tree.

    1.   Open Source Tree.

    2.   Click the Fetch icon from the Toolbar

    3. Select the remote branch from which the latest commits are to be fetched.
    4. To get the latest commits from all the branches, check the “Fetch from all remotes” checkbox.

    5. Once fetch is completed, you can see that changes reflecting in the local repository, but not in    the working folder.

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