Sunday, December 7, 2014

Creating a new Repository in Bitbucket

In the previous post we saw on how to create a free account in Bitbucket, in this post we shall see on how to create a new repository and start using it. Before creating the repository create and account, once you have the account follow the below steps to get started with creating your first Git Repository using Bitbucket.

Login into you Bitbucket account, click on the Repositories menu in the header and click on Create Repository menu item.

Enter the details and click on Create repository, select Repository type as Git

This will create a new repository; we can either start from scratch, or import existing Projects / Documents.

Let us select the “starting from scratch” option, we can create a local copy (clone) the repository to local and later add files to the repository. You can use the below commands to create a local copy of the repository

Alternatively, you can use the clone using SourceTree option to create the local repository using SourceTree GUI, we shall see on how to use SourceTree to create the repository in the next Post.

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