Monday, December 8, 2014

Reversing commits made to the local Repository.

Changes are initially made to the local working copy, local changes are moved to index/staging and later committed to the local repository, till this point the changes still remain in the local user pc, and this is the last chance to revoke/rollback any changes before pushing them to the remote repository.

In the post Committing changes to the Local repository we saw on how to commit changes to the local repository, in this post we shall see on how to rollback changes made to the local repository.

1   Open the branch which has the changes to be rolled back.
     Double click on the branch to open the Graph

Right click on the latest log entry in the graph and select the Reverse commit option in the context menu.

This adds 1 more commit to the local repository, which is actually a reverse commit to rollback the changes, now we can push both the commits to the remote repository, effectively no changes will be pushed to the remote repository.

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