Sunday, December 21, 2014

Creating a Git-Flow branching structure using Source Tree

Git Flow is an add-on package to Git, which provides a set of commands to create and manage the branches. SourceTree supports Git Flow, it provides as icon in the tool bar to create and manage Git Flow.

Let us create a branch structure proposed by Git-flow for one of the repository, I have a repository called GitDocuments, and there is only one branch origin/master, now let us use Source Tree and create a Git-flow based branching model for this repository.

1. Open Source Tree.
2. Click on the Git Flow icon in the tool bar.

3. A pop-up window appears, with the details of the various branches that will be created, you can change the branch names as needed, I will go with the default names, click ok.

4. Once the operation is completed, the main branches (master & develop) get created, if they do not exist already.

     5.    Push the updates to the remote repository, so that the other members in the team can clone the new repository structure and use it.

6. Once this is done, we are ready to use the Git Flow commands / options to run the project instead of using the git commands directly.

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