Monday, December 15, 2014

Pushing local repository changes to remote repository

The Git version control / source control system is slightly different from the conventional systems, in Git to update a change to a remote repository involves the following steps.

1. Add/Modify/Delete the required files in the local working copy.
2. Move the changes to the Stage/Index
3. Commit the changes in the Stage/Index to the local repository
4. Finally push the changes from the local repository to the repository

Before pushing the changes to the remote repository make sure that the changes are staged and committed to the local repository, once this is done we can push the changes to the remote repository by clicking on the “Push” icon in the toolbar as follows.

5.  In the push window make sure that the “push to repository” points to the correct remote repository to which the changes needs to be pushed.
6. Select the correct local and remote branch and click OK
7. The changes will be pushed to the remote repository and a success message appears as follows.

8. That’s it the changes from the local repository, will be moved to the remote repository and the will be visible to other users who are using the same remote repository.

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