Monday, December 15, 2014

SourceTree staging modified files

In the previous post we saw on how to stage new files which were added to the local working copy, in this post we shall see on how to identify files which are modified in the local and stage the changes. To stage the modified files from the local working copy to index follow the below steps.

1. Modify the required file(s) in the local working folder
2. Open SourceTree and search for the file in the “Working Copy Changes” Panel.
3. Notice that the modified file is highlighted with an Orange icon
4. Selecting a modified file in the “Working Copy Changes” Panel, opens us the “Difference” panel which displays the difference between the Local copy and the remote copy.

5. Once you compare and make sure that the changes are good to go, you can move the file to the “Index/Staged Changes” panel, either by bragging the file into the panel or right click the file and select the option “Add to Index”
6. This will move the file to the Staged/Index

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