Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pull changes from a remote repository using Git Bash

The pull command is used to get the latest from the remote repository to the local working copy, the pull command pulls changes committed and pushed by the other users to the local working copy. It is advisable to pull changes before starting to make changes in the local copy this will help to avoid merging changes made by other users later when we want to push our changes to the remote repository.

Use the following steps to pull changes from the remote repository to the local working folder.

1.    Open Git Bash
2.    Navigate to the working folder in which the changes to be committed are to be done using the cd command.
cd c:\\GitWorkingFolder\\documents
3.    Use the “git pull ” command to pull changes from remote
4.    If the remote repository requests a password, provide the same.
Once the pull is completed, commits from the remote repository will get updated to the local working folder.

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