Sunday, December 7, 2014

Committing changes to the Local repository

In the previous post Adding new Files to Stage/Index we saw on how to add local file to Staging / Index, now we shall see on how to commit the changes to the local repository. The commit operation will move the changes from the staging/index to the local repository.

Follow the below steps to commit changes from Stage/Index to the local repository.

1. Make sure that all the changes to be committed to the local repository are staged. Refer post Adding new Files to Stage/Index for details on moving local changes to stage/index.

2. Once staged, commit the changes in the “Staged Changes” panel by clicking on the Commit Icon in the toolbar.

3. In the “Commit Message” which appears, enter a command to commit and click on the commit button.

4. In the Commit Mode dropdown, make sure that the “Staged changes” option is selected.

5. That’s it the changes in the Staging region have got committed to the local repository.

6. Notice that commit updates the changes only to the local repository; the changes will not be reflected in the remote repository until we push the committed changes to the report repositories.

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