Sunday, December 21, 2014

Git flow starting a new Feature

A feature is started when we want to develop a new module to an application, creating a feature creates a new branch from the develop branch, all additions/changes done for the feature will be committed to the feature branch, finally when the feature development is completed, the feature is finished, this will merge the changes (commits) made to the develop branch and delete the feature branch.

In this post we shall see on how to create a new feature (branch) and start working on the new feature. In the post Creating a Git-Flow branching structure usingSource Tree, we have seen on how to setup Git-flow. Once the setup is done you can follow the below steps to create a new feature branch.

1. Open Source Tree.
2. Click on the Git Flow icon in the tool bar.

3. A pop-up window appears, with the available options.

4.    Click on the Start new Feature button.
5.    Give a name to the new feature, I have given the name as “Feature1”, select the latest development branch option and click Create.

6.  This will create a new feature and set the new feature branch as the current working branch.

7.    Any updates, commits done will be added to this branch.
8. Push the changes, so that the new branch gets added to the remote repository, so that other developers working on the new feature can also use the same branch.

9.    Now the new feature is ready for development.

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